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Michael Allen Malpassís artistic legacy consists of sculpture, drawings, collage, paintings, and assemblages. In 1977, Malpass had a break through exhibition at the Betty Parsonís Gallery on 57th Street in New York. Michael Malpass is best known for his spheres, which revitalize found industrial objects using bandsaw and traditional blacksmithing techniques. The artist's last sculptural accomplishments included pieces fueled by his desire to "draw in metal." The result was work of a somewhat figurative nature, some of which the artist affectionately titled Chickenmen. He described his sculpture, overall, as "a blend of artistry, collage, craftsmanship and movement," terms that could be applied to his work in other media, as well. Spheres titled Collage and Self-Portrait further hint at a crossover in process and subject matter between his three-and two-dimensional artworks. Over the years, Michael created several hundred spheres which are throughout the world in private, corporate, and museum collections.